Avid Hd I/O 16X16 Analog Interface

Avid Hd I/O 16X16 Analog InterfaceAvid Hd I/O 16X16 Analog Interface
Professional studio recording requires a professional audio interface, something that will perform with the precision and stability needed for larger more demanding sessions. Cue in the Avid HD I/O, a high-performance Pro Tools HD Seris 8 x 8 x 8 analog and digital audio interface thats designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools HD Systems. The interface features premium A/D and D/A conversion and advanced circuitry, giving you pristine sound quality and clarity and the lowest possible latency.Hear what youve been missingA sonic improvement over its audio interface predecessors, HD I/O features premium A/D and D/A conversion, so you can achieve higher audio fidelity, extensive dynamic range, super-low jitter, and the absolute lowest possible latency in your sessions. With certain configurations, you also get built-in sample rate conversion and a soft clip feature for worry-free recording. And using Curv, a new built-in soft-knee limiter that catches even the fastest transients, you can track hotter signals and smooth out inconsistent levels from incoming sources.The connections you neednow and laterHD I/O comes in three configurations, so you can choose the interface that best suits your connection needs. What’s more, you can expand your analog or digital I/O by simply installing an HD I/O option card into any empty bay.The ultimate in interface flexibilityAs your needs grow or change, you can easily add more analog inputs, analog outputs, or digital I/O by installing an option card. You can install one option card in HD I/O 8x8x8 and up to two in HD I/O 16×16 Digital. While HD I/O 16×16 Analog comes with the maximum four cards, you can customize your I/O by swapping out any card.Work with Pro Tools and moreHD I/O and all other Pro Tools, HD Series interfaces completely integrate with Pro Tools HD, so you get maximum performance, depePristine audio clarity and ultra low latencyState-of-the- art A/D and D/A conversion Premium analog circuitry, and meticulous attention to designMaximize your analog I/O with HD I/O 16×16 AnalogVersatile digital I/O on all interfaces, with built-in sample rate conversionCompletely integrates with Pro Tools HD family system for full input, output, and routing controlTrack hotter signals and smooth out sounds with Curv, a new built-in soft-knee limiterKeep things in sync with dedicated Word Clock and Loop Sync I/OKeep an eye on your levels easily through 32 4-segment metering LEDsRobust 2U rack-mountable chassisConnects to Pro Tools HD family system through a DigiLink Mini connection (cable and adaptor included)

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