Big Fish Club Hip Hop Audio Loops

Big Fish Club Hip Hop Audio LoopsBig Fish Club Hip Hop Audio Loops
For new and undiscovered hip hop artists, the ‘club track’ is the gateway to record contracts and chart success. The DJ hears it and plays it, it’s a hit on the dancefloor, the buzz starts, the labels start sniffing around…the next thing you know, there’s a record contract in your back pocket! But to make it in the clubs, you’ve got to rattle and bang, you’ve got to vibrate at just the right frequency to get those booties shakin’. With Club Hip Hop you’ve got all the tools you need to produce club-ready hip hop tracks. Big Fish Audio and producer Mike Kumagai will help you get that perfect, floor-filling groove happening. Remember, if you can get it hot n’ sweaty in there, you can make it anywhere!Format: AIFF/Apple Loops/REX/WAV1.8 GB on disc (820 MB of 24bit WAV content)475 WAV Loops and hits475 Apple Loops and hits168 REX LoopsConstruction Kits – 22 construction kits from 76 to 106 BPM in various keys. All of the construction kits contain a full mix and all the elements broken out into individual loops. Each Kit also contains a folder of hits.

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