Musitek Smartscore X2 Pro Music Scanning Software 3-Pack

Musitek Smartscore X2 Pro Music Scanning Software 3-PackMusitek Smartscore X2 Pro Music Scanning Software 3-Pack
SmartScore X2 Pro is a professional-grade scorewriter with the world’s most accurate music-scanning engine at its core. It is elegant, capable and incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It recognizes scores without any restriction on the number of parts. This item contains three copies of the full version of SmartScore X2 Pro.It processes band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, instrumental and solo parts as well as full conductor’s scores. A selection of Garritan band and orchestral instrument sounds is included free so your music will sound rich, nuanced and true-to-life. SmartScore X2 is an indispensable tool for any arranger, performer, music educator or church minister. Download the demo and discover its powers for yourself.No limitations. Contains everything featured in all other editions. Processes both multi-page PDF and .TIF files.Full ScoresRecognize, playback and manipulate conductor’s scores, band arrangements, opera, chorale, transcriptions and PDF scores. Extract parts to separate files and burn to audio.Complex SymbolsRecognition and EditingSuperior recognition and editing of complex symbols such as cross-staff beams and voices, key and time signatures including change-of-key and change-of-time.Chord EditorPrecision recognition of chord symbols and guitar fret diagrams including symbols written as simple text. Chord symbols are automatically updated when key signatures are transposed. Chord configurations can easily be edited, updated and even made invisible.Score StructureExtract parts graphically. Score Structure allows quick removal and re-arrangement of selected parts. Applied changes creates new SmartScore document, leaving original unchanged.Page Formatting and SetupReformat scores simply and easily. Change page layouts, margins, staff widths and distances quickly and easily. Engraver quality output to print,Full scoresComplex symbolsChord editorGreat sounds

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Garritan Abbey Road Studios Cfx Concert Grand

Garritan Abbey Road Studios Cfx Concert GrandGarritan Abbey Road Studios Cfx Concert Grand
The Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand places the user on the bench before the Yamaha CFX, an incredible concert grand piano characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle, expressive nuances. This beautiful instrument is matched with the stunning acoustics of Abbey Road Studios’ legendary Studio One and the finest collection of microphones in the world.All facets of this project – the instrument, the room, the mics, and the recording expertise – work together to create the finest sampled piano ever captured. Experience the passion reflected in every detail.Abbey Road StudiosAbbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studios in the world and a global music icon. Home to countless landmark recordings and pioneering advances in recording technology, the legendary studio complex has a phenomenal history spanning over 80 years, encompassing celebrated work by many of the world’s most famous recording artists including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kanye West, Elton John, Oasis, Elbow, Lady Gaga and Adele. Composers and musicians from around the world turn to Abbey Road Studios when they desire the very best.Studio OneAbbey Road Studios’ Studio One is one of the largest and most beautiful sounding orchestral studios in the world. The space can easily accommodate a 110 piece orchestra and 100 piece choir simultaneously. Studio One’s acoustics are as famous as its location, offering a supremely warm and clear sound with a reverb time of 2.3 seconds. This makes it perfect for numerous types of recording, from solo piano to large orchestras.The Yamaha CFX Concert Grand PianoThe CFX piano marks a significant milestone in Yamaha’s celebrated 108-year history as an acclaimed world-class piano maker. In 1991, Yamaha began its most ambitious piano project ever: to create a new generation of grand piano for concert, conservYamaha CFX Concert Grand virtual instrumentThe sound and detail of recording this piano in Abbey Road Studio OneThe instrument, the room, the engineers and the mics all in one instrumentAAX, RTAS, VST, and AU compatible, and is proudly powered by the ARIA Player

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Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 Sound Library

Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 Sound LibraryGarritan Personal Orchestra 5 Sound Library

Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 Sound Library provides you with a complete orchestra that consists of over 500 instruments – strings brass woodwinds percussion keyboards and more. Engineered to deliver outstanding realism and authenticity to your music Personal Orchestra 5 includes a wide variety of instrument-specific articulations and techniques performance spaces and reverbs and instrument body resonances. Now you can create luscious symphonic music right from the comfort of your computer.
GPO5-1280916 Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 Sound Library

Garritan World Instruments

Garritan World InstrumentsGarritan World Instruments

The Garritan World Instruments is a powerful and versatile digital audio workstation or standalone virtual instrument that provides you with over 275 professional and realistic sounding instruments from across the globe in one affordable and expansive package. Running on a built in ARIA engine the Garritan World Instruments provides seamless realtime playback and contains an assortment of different types of instrument ranging from Japanese drums to European recorders.
WINST-1280916 Garritan World Instruments

Garritan Instant Orchestra Sound Library

Garritan Instant Orchestra Sound LibraryGarritan Instant Orchestra Sound Library

The Garritan Instant Orchestra is a sound library that brings back the way orchestral music is made by making the streamlining process simpler. Designed to create full cinematic orchestrations from just a few lines of music Garritan Instant Orchestra is pre-packaged with combinations and mash-ups mood-based presets and orchestral effects.
IO-1280916 Garritan Instant Orchestra Sound Library

Akai Professional Ewi Usb Electronic Wind Controller

Akai Professional Ewi Usb Electronic Wind ControllerAkai Professional Ewi Usb Electronic Wind Controller
The Akai Professional EWI USB electronic wind controller is for musicians seeking an easy-to-play, easy-to-use instrument. Akai Professional’s decades of experience in wind and electronic musical instruments are rolled into Akai’s most user-friendly-and most affordable-EWI controller ever. Premium Akai Pedigree For over 20 years, Akai Professional has studied the art of playing saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and other traditional wind instruments and developed electronic wind instruments that enable wind players to enjoy the same expressive control as in an acoustic instrument. Akai Professional designed the EWI USB to give wind players the expressive musical capabilities previously found only in much more expensive instruments. Akai Professional Performance EWIs are the only choice for serious wind players looking to make music electronically. While EWI USB is easy and fun to use, it’s also powerful, flexible, and-most importantly-reliable enough for use on stage and in the studio by professional musicians. Computer Control The Akai EWI USB controller is extremely flexible because it harnesses your computer to generate its sounds. Its USB interface means that all you need is nearly any Mac or PC and the included EWI USB software, and you’re ready to practice, perform, create, and record with a full collection of wind instrument sounds. Aria Player software was produced specifically for use with EWI USB, providing wind players with an unprecedented level of expressive control.Electronic wind instrument controller Easy to play, easy to use Powerful, flexible, and reliable Plug-and-play USB connection to Mac or PC Custom Garritan Aria Player software, contains wind instrument sounds Multiple fingering modes: sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI (electronic valve instrument) fingering for brass players Expandable sound palette Removable, dishwasher-safe mouthpiece Includes: EWI USB wind instrument Neck strap Cleaning cloth USB cable Software DVD Quick start guide Safety instructions

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Musitek Smartscore X2 Music Scanning Software Piano Edition

Musitek Smartscore X2 Music Scanning Software Piano EditionMusitek Smartscore X2 Music Scanning Software Piano Edition
Turn your scanner into a player piano. With SmartScore X2 Piano Edition you can scan, play, transpose and print out piano or solo sheet music. Audition nearly any piano arrangement in seconds. Transpose your score to a new key and print it.SmartScore X2 Piano Edition is a perfect tool for the pianist, professional or student. It recognize PDF files from the Internet, and its new Prodigy Engine captures nearly all nuances including articulations, dynamics, tempo, key and time changes. You can practice along at slow speeds without affecting pitch, you can mute, solo or diminish volume of any staff or voice during playback, and you can even separate contrapuntal parts (e.g. SATB). It offers full control over your printed output including center, resize, reformat, or reset margins using preset or custom templates. When you are done, burn playback to CD using authentic piano sounds from a complete library of world-class Garritan sounds.SmartScore X2 includes a large subset of Garritan jazz, pop and orchestral instrument sounds. Garritan sounds are state-of-art digitally sampled sound libraries that realistically reproduce musical instruments in performance. Garritan sounds are carefully recorded samples of actual musical instruments. They are not electronically synthesized.Limits: 2 staves / no text or lyrics / no TAB or percussion.Processes both multi-page PDF and .TIF files.Recognizes PDFs or scanned manuscriptsQuality sounds for playbackRecognizes complex symbolsNotation to TAB

Musitek SSX2PE Pro Audio, Music Software, DAW Software

Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand Virtual PianoGarritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

The Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand is a stunning virtual piano created by the very best in the industry. Garritan took the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand and placed it in Abbey Road Studio One where award winning engineers used the worlds greatest equipment to create this stunning virtual instrument.
CFXCG-1280916 Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano