Audials One 2019

Audials One 2019Audials One 2019

Download convert and enjoy everything anywhere!
Audials One is a streaming recorder for all video and audio files and a converter tool for all media and all devices.
Make a private copy of your protected media files using the legal functions of Audials One.Download Audials One
With Audials you can not only download and save any Audio, but also any Video from every website. You can record (save, archive, download, rip, capture) all Videos and Films from everywhere in the internet with just One simple click!
Download Audials now and you will know, what you have missed in the past.

Virtual Music Composer – Midium

Virtual Music Composer - MidiumVirtual Music Composer – Midium
Today’s audio software enables you to get the highest level of music production. It allows you to turn your ideas into your own music… but you’ve got no idea. Skills, knowledge, talent? But sometimes it doesn’t help either. That’s why Virtual Music Composer. Music is too much a matter of personal taste. There’s no objective way to compare even two songs in terms of liking / disliking. So there’s no right way to describe the software named “Virtual Music Composer”. It produces almost 100 new songs for one hour. Any statement, testimonial, opinion… is more or less subjective. Your choice is the only that counts here. And the time you spend on it.