Cengage Learning Great Guitar Tone With Ik Multimedia Amplitube The Offcl Gd

Cengage Learning Great Guitar Tone With Ik Multimedia Amplitube The Offcl GdCengage Learning Great Guitar Tone With Ik Multimedia Amplitube The Offcl Gd
It wasn’t much more than a decade ago that getting great guitar tone on a track required thousands of dollars worth of equipment and studio time. In the digital age, ending up with great-sounding guitar tracks on a recording is infinitely easier and cheaper. IK Multimedia AmpliTube software-with its plethora of stompbox effects, guitar and bass amp modules, cabinet emulations, microphone models, and rack effects-provides the power that guitarists need to model virtually any guitar tone. What’s more, its 4-track audio player/recorder with Speed Trainer will allow you to practice recording and overdubbing your guitar, even if you do not yet have any recording software on your computer. But how do you harness AmpliTube’s power and use it to become a better guitarist? GREAT GUITAR TONE WITH IK MULTIMEDIA AMPLITUBE: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE will show you how. After discussing how to best set up your guitar and computer for the tasks ahead, the book explains how to get the most out of all of AmpliTube’s amps, cabinets, effects, and recording capabilities. This book won’t only show you how to use AmpliTube to emulate any musical genre or guitarist, it will show you how to use the program to become a better guitarist and help you down the path to creating your own distinctive guitar tone.Michael Ross Michael Ross is a musician/writer/producer living in New York City. He has toured the United States, as well as Cuba, Norway, Puerto Rico, and Iceland, playing everything from blues and country to avant-pop and electronica. Michael has authored two books: Getting Great Guitar Sounds and All About Effects. He contributes to Guitar Player magazine, Premier Guitar, Guitar Edge, EQ, Electronic Musician, In Tune, Sound On Sound, and Gearwire.com. As a producer, Michael has recorded artists in San Francisco and New York. He has also taught guitar and lectured at the Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco.One of a kind: no other book covers the topic of guitar tone in conjunction with IK Multimedia’s popular Amplitube software.Offers clear instruction in the sometimes tricky art of using amp simulations to achieve excellent guitar tone.Each topic can be applied in both real world and virtual recording situations, making the text equally relevant for musicians using professional or home studio equipment.

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