Iconnectivity Iconnectaudio4+ Audio/Midi Interface For Ios/Mac/Pc

Iconnectivity Iconnectaudio4+ Audio/Midi Interface For Ios/Mac/PcIconnectivity Iconnectaudio4+ Audio/Midi Interface For Ios/Mac/Pc
With iConnectAUDIO4+ you can plug just about anything into one single interface including your computers and iOS devices, high-res audio, MIDI, USB, 5-pin MIDI, mics, instruments, speakers, headphones, and more. One of the first audio and MIDI interfaces to support multiple iOS/PC/Mac computers at the same time, iConnectAUDIO4+ can turn your iPad into a touch-controlled plug-in in your DAW, send dozens of MIDI and digital audio channels between computers, or run and record your entire studio from your iOS/PC/Mac by itself creating one integrated music machine.Multi-host Device ports use 2 computer devices (Mac/PC/iOS) at the same timeAudio passThru routes audio digitally between computer devicesHost port for connecting up to 8 MIDI peripherals4 XLR 1/4 TRS combo analog inputs, each with individual +48V phantom power toggle4 1/4 TRS balanced analog outputs1/4 Headphone output with independent mix29 routable MIDI ports: Mac, PC, iOS, 5 pin MIDI DIN and class compliant USB MIDI devices1 X 1 MIDI DIN in/outiConfig software (Mac, Windows, iOS) makes it simple to set up filtering/routing/mergingHigh-resolution audio – up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversionUSB audio and MIDI Class-Compliant no drivers neededCharges an iOS device

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