Metric Halo 2D Card For Uln-2 For Field Install

Metric Halo 2D Card For Uln-2 For Field InstallMetric Halo 2D Card For Uln-2 For Field Install
The 2d Card was introduced in 2008 as a massive hardware upgrade for ULN-2 interfaces (without the 2d card these are known as “Legacy” units). All ULN-2 interfaces manufactured since are known as “2d Expanded” units. The ULN-8 and LIO-8 were designed after the 2d card, and were built around it.The 2d Card greatly enhances the DSP processing power of the ULN-2, adds a brand new ADAT implementation and also improves the clock of any unit into which it is installed. Of course, the ULN-8 and LIO-8 possess these features (while trading eight channels of AES I/O for the ADAT ports).Upgrading to 2dAll ULN-2 interfaces that did not ship with a 2d card from the factory can be upgraded. You may choose to send your unit back to the factory to have the card installed or may do it your self.New ADAT implementationMassive HW upgradeGreatly enhanced DSP powerImproves unit’s clock

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