Motu 24Ao Usb/Avb Ethernet Audio Interface

Motu 24Ao Usb/Avb Ethernet Audio InterfaceMotu 24Ao Usb/Avb Ethernet Audio Interface
Top professionals use MOTU hardware and software every day on hit songs, primetime shows and blockbuster films. The 24Ao is the next interface in their prestigious lineup, offering 24 analog channels in one rack space, AVB audio networking, and large console style mixing with 48 channels and 12 stereo busses to help you achieve the best sound possible.The 24Ao offers 24 balanced analog outputs in a single rack space with three 8-channel ADAT optical banks, for a total of 72 channels (24 analog plus 48 optical). Use the 24Ao to add analog outputs to your computer, or as a flexible optical expander and mixer. Or both! All analog I/O is supplied on multi-channel DB-245 D-sub connectors and Phoenix connectors for convenient, flexible wiring into studio and industrial installations alike.Ultra-Low I/O LatencyEvery digital audio workflow introduces some latency. The only question is, how much? In the case of the 24Ao, the answer is not much at all. In the 24Ao, latency is measured in a handful of samples, from the time an audio single first goes digital to its arrival somewhere like an output, the mixer, or the computer. By keeping latency this low in the hardware, the 24Ao helps minimize latency introduced by your host software.Audio-Class Compliant USB 2.0Hi-speed USB 2.0 provides across-the-board compatibility with pretty much all laptops and desktops. The 24Ao is USB audio class compliant, which means you enjoy OS-level USB compatibility and support, including iPad support (with Apple camera connection kit sold separately). Since USB 2.0 devices are compatible with USB 3.0-equipped hosts, your 24Ao interface is a future-proof investment in you studio.48-Channel Digital MixingThe 24Ao is equipped with a 48-channel digital mixer designed just like a large format mixing console. The 48 inputs can take signal from anywhere: the physical inputs on the 24Ao interface itSame analog design as MOTU’s groundbreaking 1248, 8M and 16A audio interfaces72 simultaneous audio channels24 high-quality, balanced analog outputs48 digital channels on three banks of 8-channel ADAT opticalConnects to a computer with standard AVB Ethernet or audio class compliant high-speed USB 2On-board DSP with mixing and effects32-bit floating point processingModeled vintage effects processingAdd up to 5 MOTU interfaces using a MOTU AVB Switch (sold separately)AVB audio networkingMatrix routing and splittingWeb app controlStand-alone mixing with wireless controlADAT digital I/OComprehensive meteringIncludes AudioDesk workstation software for Mac and Windows

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