Nomad Factory Magma Virtual Studio Rack Software Plug-In

Nomad Factory Magma Virtual Studio Rack Software Plug-InNomad Factory Magma Virtual Studio Rack Software Plug-In
MAGMA is a Virtual Studio Rack developed by Nomad Factory that comes with 65 all new effects. Featuring an appealing and intuitive 1-rack-unit interface, MAGMA invites experimentation and sounds incredible with every tweak. With the ability to interchange racks freely and use MAGMA’s flexible routing matrix, you can build FX chains that articulate your vision and excite your imagination.FX Categories:1. Dynamics2. Equalizers3. Preamps4. Distortions5. Reverbs6. Delays7. Modulation8. Filters9. Special FX10. Guitar FXWeve all coveted racks and stacks of outboard audio gear since our first trip to a professional studio, but these vintage and state-of-the-art preamps, compressors, EQs, reverbs, and multi-FX units that producers and engineers use to achieve that magical sound of a hit record are typically out of reach for most musicians home recording projects. The MAGMA plug-in emulates the quality and sonic possibilities of this great outboard gear while still maintaining the flexibility of using a patchbay for signal routing, and all for an amazing low price.MAGMAs breakthrouIncludes 65 high-quality, custom, unique effects racksDrag & Drop effects to any rack positionFour easy-to-use Virtual RacksFlexible Routing MatrixPresets Browser Window600+ Factory presets includedSerial Number Authorization (up to five computers, no Challenge/Response, no dongle)

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