Novation Launchpad Pro

Novation Launchpad ProNovation Launchpad Pro
Launchpad Pro is the professional grid performance instrument. Create dynamic, expressive performances in Ableton Live or any other music software. Use the enhanced 8×8 grid of RGB velocity and pressure-sensitive pads to trigger and combine clips, play dynamic beats and melodies, and even control external MIDI hardware. Novation understand the pressures of performing live. That’s why they have made it as easy as possible to control Ableton Live, by building four simple modes into Launchpad Pro, which streamline everything for you:Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clipsNote Mode: create dynamic beats and play the grid just like an instrumentDevice Mode: easily apply effects to your performanceUser Mode: create unique custom performances and layoutsThe whole instrument is designed to keep you focused on your performance. It lets you easily and immediately apply effects (Device Mode), while dipping in and out of specific mixer controls at the touch of a button. Of course, if you want to get really creative, download a growing library of Max for Live devices, and control them using your Launchpad Pro.It’s sleek, lightweight and tough enough that you can throw it in your bag and know it will survive even the roughest gigs. It also comes with everything you need to get started (cables and software): just plug it in and start making music.Never hit a wrong note again! With the Scale function, simply press Launchpad Pros Shift and Note buttons, then choose from a roster of 32 keys and modes, from major and minor, through phrygian, whole tone and more. Once selected, Launchpad Pros 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads will assign themselves contiguously to only the notes of the selected scale, removing all the rest. Launchpad Pro is turned into a deeply expressive instrument that lets you focus on the music, rather than precise finger positions. Scale mode isnt just for Ableton Live you can use it to plaIntegrates seamlessly and simplifies performing in Ableton LiveSimply plug in and starting playing your musicControl just about anything including MIDI enabled devices and moreDrum racks are automatically laid out and illuminatedEasy-to-play velocity and pressure-sensitive padsEasily play notes, melodies, and chords on the gridImmediate access to all your mixer controls mid-performanceControl any effect or instrument mid-performance to add expressive effectsMax for Live lets you use your Launchpad Pro however you likeCompact and light enough to throw in your bagTough enough to survive the roughest gigsComes with Ableton Live Lite music making software, 1GB of Loopmasters samples, and Bass Station and V Station plug-in synthesizers

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