Propellerhead Recycle 2.2 Audio And Loop Editing Software

Propellerhead Recycle 2.2 Audio And Loop Editing SoftwarePropellerhead Recycle 2.2 Audio And Loop Editing Software
ReCycle 2.2 is the latest version of one the favorite tools of musicians who work with loops, especially grooves. ReCycle helps you make the most of your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do with sampled loops what you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds – like alter the tempo, or replace sounds and process them individually. A tool for quickly editing sampled parts, chopping up riffs, remixing and doing mash ups.ReCycle will analyze your groove and break it up into its rhythmic components, leaving you in complete control of them, free to change the tempo or the pitch, without one affecting the other. And there is so much more to ReCycle’s processing power.Once ReCycle has analyzed your grooves, load the resulting REX2 file into your audio sequencer or software sampler and you can be the master of your grooves, once and for all. Practically all major software titles support the REX2 format. Be it music production software like Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Live and of course Propellerhead’s own Reason and Record, or software instruments such as Native Instruments Kontakt, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX or Digidesign Transfuser.Tired of your grooves pushing you around? No longer, with ReCycle 2.2.Imports AIFF, WAV and Sound Designer II and of course REX2Mono or stereo, with 8, 16 or 24 bit filesSample rates from 11.025 kHz to 1MHzExports the following: Standard MIDI file, AIFF, Sound Designer II, Wave file (.wav), Mixman, track file, SampleCell instrument file, SoundFont file, AKAI .akp Program fileAnalyze, slice, replace, change tempo, pitch, much more

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