Rme Fireface Ucx 36-Channel Usb 2.0 Audio Interface

Rme Fireface Ucx 36-Channel Usb 2.0 Audio InterfaceRme Fireface Ucx 36-Channel Usb 2.0 Audio Interface
The Fireface UCX from RME is a high-end audio interface loaded to the brim with all of the professional connections needed in a studio environment, but in a compact enough design that you can easily take on the road or in the field for mobile recording applications. With a total of 36 channels of audio, there is certainly no shortage of audio connectivity. Add to that two high-end microphone and instrument preamps, digital I/O, USB 2.0 and FireWire connections, all neatly packed inside of a 19″ housing with full mobile usability.Inputs and OutputsThe UCX provides 36 channels of audio – 18 inputs and 18 outputs. All channels can be used at the same time. Up to 8 analog and 10 digital channels can be recorded onto 18 separate tracks. All outputs can be used for ASIO Direct Monitoring purposes.8 InputsOn the rear: 4 balanced TRS. On the front: 2 XLR inputs with Mic/Line preamps (65dB Gain) and 2 Hi-Z capable TRS Line/Instrument inputs.8 OutputsOn the rear: 6 balanced TRS outputs. On the front: One additional TRS stereo phones (playback channels 7/8). The high-power phones output offers high volumes even with high-impedance headphonesSound QualityEquipped with a new 2011 A/D and D/A high-performance converter design all I/O operates at up to 192kHz. The AD/DA conversion supersedes the outstanding technical specifications of the Fireface UC/400 with an impressive 114 dBA dynamic range on both record and playback. The advanced multi-bit converter architecture guarantees excellent S/N and THD specs across a wide analog level range. In the best RME tradition and product philosophy, the Fireface UCX converters and preamps have no characteristic “sound” of their own. They neither add nor remove anything, but capture the original signal just as it is.Due to its efficient jitter reduction, RME’s superior SteadyClock finalizes the state-of-the-art AD/DA conversion, even when clockin36 total channels of audio8 Analog inputs and 8 analog outputsLow Latency mastering grade converters with outstanding specificationsTwo high-end preamps, excellent for recording acoustic instrumentsAutoSet, reduces gain automatically protecting from overloadSelf-developed Hammerfall USB2.0 and FireWire400 Audio Core technologyTotalMix FX software with complete Fireface UFX DSP engine, including all effects up to 192kHzClass Compliant mode allows for easy connection to an iPad or iPad2Includes MIDI breakout cable with 2 MIDI inputs and outputs

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