Steinberg Nuendo 7 Advanced Audio Post-Production System (Boxed Version)

Steinberg Nuendo 7 Advanced Audio Post-Production System (Boxed Version)Steinberg Nuendo 7 Advanced Audio Post-Production System (Boxed Version)
Nuendo 7 leads innovation in every aspect of audio-to-picture work be it in game audio, TV or film post-production. New functions include industry-unique features such as a direct connection to the Audiokinetic Wwise middleware, an in-built reconforming solution for audio-to-picture alignment, VCA fader support, advanced project collaboration tools as well as new rendering options for handling large amounts of audio files. Nuendo 7 also comes with an updated user interface offering improved window handling and a customizable workspace for an even more intuitive workflow. New effect plug-ins and a vastly enhanced overall program performance round out the feature set.Game Audio ConnectNuendo 7 introduces Game Audio Connect, a new interfacing technology tailored towards audio production workflows for games.Integration with Audiokinetic Wwise middlewareInstead of saving audio assets piece-by-piece on the hard-drive and importing them laboriously into Wwise later, Nuendo 7 saves you hours of work: Simply drag-and-drop audio files including customized naming conventions such as project name, folder path and track name via Game Audio Connect towards Wwise, avoiding time-consuming minutiae of manually configuring the import and export dialogs.Recall a Nuendo project from within WwiseSave valuable production time even when going back from an audio asset in Wwise to the respective Nuendo project by simply recalling the original Nuendo project from that audio file.Version control by PerforceLast but not least, Game Audio Connect also provides a seamless integration with Perforce: any change in the Nuendo 7 project is automatically monitored in the background, making manual interactions unnecessary.ReConforming for film and TV post-productionFilm and TV editors will be all too familiar with this scenario: A project and all its audio files perfectly matches the picture,

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