Steven Slate Drums Trigger Platinum Drum Replacer Plug-In

Steven Slate Drums Trigger Platinum Drum Replacer Plug-InSteven Slate Drums Trigger Platinum Drum Replacer Plug-In
Slate Digital’s Trigger Platinum is a package deal that includes their next-generation drum replacer VST/RTAS/AU plug-in, Trigger, as well as the virtual drum collection Steven Slate Drums SIGNATURE DRUMKITS Platinum Edition samples.Trigger Advanced Drum ReplacerSlate Trigger is an exceptional way to take your drum sounds to the next level without fuss or hassle. With the virtual drum replacement plug-in’s phase-accurate engine, extreme detail, natural response, multiple drum layers, and the professional Steven Slate Drum sample library that’s included, you’ll never have to worry about drums again.Slate Trigger drum replacer plug-in has a phase-accurate multilayered triggering engine. This means that in one instance of the plug-in, you can seamlessly trigger multiple drum samples simultaneously such as a close mic sample, stereo overhead sample, and a stereo room mic samples. Or, mix many direct mic samples to develop your own custom unique drum sounds. This multichannel triggering functionality allows the user to recreate the sound of natural drums with real multitracked samples. Each sample layer has parameters for customization such as velocity and dynamic control, attack, sustain, release, and independent levels. Other features of the Slate Trigger drum plug-in include 2 detection modes, MIDI in/out, automation of detecting parameters, up to 127 different articulations per instrument, up to 127 velocity layers per instrument and up to 127 alternation hits per velocity layer, and a unique Leakage Suppression function.Phase Accurate TriggeringWhen using Slate Trigger, you will hear tight, phase-accurate drum triggering without unwanted mistriggers, flamming, or phasing. Kick samples line up tight with the original kick drums, snare drum transients align perfectly, and tom fills come out exactly like the original tracks.Leakage SuppressionThe Slate Trigger drumSlate Trigger Platinum Drum Replacer Plug-InPhase-accurate drum replacementSix stereo layers of samplesComplete controlComes with Steven Slate samplesEasy to useMac/Windows VST, RTAS, AUSignature Drumkits Platinum Edition Drum Sample LibraryOver 40 drum kits13 kits that are authentic modelsModeled Kits based on sounds heard in some of rocks best drummersTwo unique sounding sets of room mics

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