Toontrack EZX Post Rock

Toontrack EZX Post RockToontrack EZX Post Rock

The Toontrack EZX Post Rock is a premium-quality drum expansion designed for use with EZDrummer 2. This drum expansion features four complete kits sampled with drumsticks and one complete kit sampled with brushes. These kits were recorded live in Sundlaugin Studios in Reykjavik Iceland ensuring the highest quality audio reproduction possible resulting in the rich natural tones the original kits deliver. There is also eleven mix-ready presets engineered by Birgir Jon Birgisson covering a range of styles genres and moods. Every sound and nuance of the kits has been recorded in the highest quality possible allowing you to trigger whatever part of the drum sound you want; letting you implement them in your own music production. The drums are catered for modern age rock music but can be used in virtually any genre. With its multitude of premium quality drum samples and versatile triggering options; the Toontrack EZX Post Rock sound expansion is ideal for any digital music engineer.
EZXPOST-103280916 Toontrack EZX Post Rock