Waves Gold Native To Renaissance Maxx Upgrade

Waves Gold Native To Renaissance Maxx UpgradeWaves Gold Native To Renaissance Maxx Upgrade
Music software upgrade from Waves Gold Native to the Renaissance Maxx Bundle.The Renaissance Maxx bundle offers unparalleled audio accuracy bringing together Wave’s most acclaimed audio processors in one package. Every day these award-winning processors shape the sound of hit mixes the world over. Now they are available in one bundle that provides the MAXXimum in flexibility, efficiency and intuitive control. Renaissance Maxx features vintage-modeled equalization, dynamics, and reverb plus a powerful vocal processor, a new de-esser offering adaptive threshold for natural sounding de-essing, Renaissance Bass, and the new plug-in that tips the scale – Renaissance Channel. Renaissance Channel combines the best of our Renaissance technologies into one plug-in, making it the ultimate channel insert processor for computer music production. Included Plug-ins:Renaissance Channel A precision channel processor combining the best and finest equalization, compression, limiting, and gating. This processor takes the concept of channel insert to the limit. Selectable EQ/Dynamics signal flow Stereo rotation control for better pan control Efficient DSP usage.Waves R4NXUP Pro Audio, Music Software, Effects Plugins