Zoom Tac-2R Two Channel Thunderbolt Interface

Zoom Tac-2R Two Channel Thunderbolt InterfaceZoom Tac-2R Two Channel Thunderbolt Interface
The compact, rugged TAC-2R audio interface uses the latest Thunderbolt technology for blazingly fast speed, near zero latency and the ultimate in high-quality audio, up to 24-bit/192kHz. With its easy-to-use design and advanced converters, the TAC-2R is perfect for studio and field recording of mics and instruments, onstage playback, and pristine audio streaming. It can even serve as an ultra-stable MIDI interface.In your home and officeEnhance the audio you enjoy everyday. Plug your headphones or speakers into the TAC-2R instead of your computer’s audio outputs and enjoy streamed high-resolution audio-all the way up to 24-bit/192kHz-in full fidelity.In the studioThe TAC-2R gives you all the tools you need to create great audio. Flexible routing options allow you to use a variety of microphones and instruments, with high-quality preamps to ensure crystal clear sound. There’s even Direct Monitoring for zero latency overdubbing.Make the MIDI connectionThe TAC-2R serves as an ultra-stable MIDI interface too, allowing you to use your electronic keyboards and controllers as well as sound generating devices such as synthesizers and drum machines. The extreme speed and low latency of Thunderbolt ensure that your audio and MIDI tracks line up perfectly, every time.Thunderbolt: The ultimate in high-speed connectivityMore than twice as fast as USB 3.0-not to mention twenty times faster than USB 2.0 and twelve times faster than Firewire 800-Thunderbolt is the interconnection technology of the future. Co-developed by Apple and Intel Labs, it allows signal to be transferred at an incredibly fast 10 gigabits per second, which means virtually no latency. Thunderbolt interfaces such as the TAC-2R are also unaffected by computer jitter (slight variations in timing), so there’s no need to connect an external master clock source.In addition, Thunderbolt carries 10 watts/18 volts of power2-in/2-out high speed Thunderbolt audio interfaceSupport for recording and playback up to 24-bit/192kHzUltra-low latency audio streamingTwo combo balanced XLR/TRS input connectors accept both mic and line-level signalHi-Z switches allow direct connection of electric guitar or bassSwitchable +48V phantom powerTwo balanced TRS output jacks for connection to amplifiers or self-powered speakers1/4″ headphone jack with dedicated level controlIndependent gain controls and clip LEDs for each inputLarge knob output volume controlDirect Monitoring switch for zero latency monitoring in mono or stereoMIDI In and OutHigh-performance mic preamps with up to +60dB of amplification4x upsampling during A/D and D/A conversion for reduced noise and enhanced fidelityAsynchronous transfer system unaffected by computer jitterBus poweredno AC power requiredRobust metal housing ensures roadworthinessWorks with all Thunderbolt

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