Zoom U-24 Recording Bundle

Zoom U-24 Recording BundleZoom U-24 Recording Bundle

The Zoom U-24 Recording Bundle is comprised of a Zoom U-24 Audio Interface SubZero SZC-400 Condenser Microphone SubZero SZ-7080 Monitoring Headphones complete with a XLR cable. This bundle has been created for the digital musician on the move allowing you to quickly and easily capture studio-quality recordings on the fly. The Zoom U-24 is a compact 2-in/4-out interface that provides you with all the essential features you need for recording and performing with high resolution audio anywhere you go. The condenser microphone features a wide frequency range ideal for capturing studio-quality recordings while the headphones allow you to monitor your recordings in rich detail.
ZOOM-U24-BUNDLE280916 Zoom U-24 Recording Bundle